Elsa, 20, California, in fifty words or less: Devout atheist. Angry feminist. Apterous. Actual praying mantis. Socially liberal. Borderline existentialist. Pretentious fuckwad. Terrible poet. Awkward loser. Life goal: the final frontier. In a passionate love-hate relationship with the world.


how can anybody drink vodka straight?

holy shit, it tastes like nail polish remover.

and it burns all the way down, like you’ve swallowed acid.

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don’t ever let anybody tell you red lipstick isn’t really your thing. everybody looks good in red lipstick. everybody.

This is a lie. Do not believe it.

sounds like somebody hasn’t found the right shade yet.


You think you could scare me?


Relationship goals. 100%

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So do I.

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if you must die sweetheart, die knowing your life was my life’s best part